Hedge Trimming



Whether a low hedge or a formal barrier hedge, we have the tools to trim and tidy all of your hedges.


Generally, light and regular pruning will keep your hedge looking great year round with a bigger trim around the ends of the spring and summer growth spurts.


Trimming hedges helps them fill out improving their look and also providing a better barrier against noise, wind and view.


You dont need to buy expensive equipment, give us a call and we will take care of all your hedge trimming needs.



Trees too tall? Leaves in your gutter? Touching power lines? We can prune them to where you want them.


Badly shaped, diseased or planted badly, reshaping can even them up and get them healthy again.


What ever the problem, we have the tools to to get them under control. Should the problem be too bad, starting fresh is the best option and in those cases, we can cleanly remove trees and shrubs.


Call us for our advice and we can quote you on the work.