Lawn Care

Lawn Care is a broad title but covers a number of activities relating to lawn maintenance and care including:

  • Lawn mowing - we have the best mowers in the business. The Honda HRU216 is the lawn mowing contractors dream walk behind mower. Specialising in catching grass, it will produce the best looking freshly cut lawn you have seen. We also run the latest 30" Scag mower to significantly speed up the job and stay one step ahead of our competitors. 

  • Edge trimming - we will trim the edges around pathways, gardens and other features. This completes the perfect look.

  • Path sweeping - we will sweep the path and pick up anything left from mowing or edging and pick up leaves particularly in the autumn.

  • Weed control - we can spray weeds around trees, pathways, patios and paving. We can reduce weeds in your lawns using selective sprays that leave no residue in the soil.

  • Soil health - with soil that is too acidic or alkaline, the grass is unable to absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which are critical to turf health aiding it to thrive and fight off diseases and stress. We can measure the pH and correct the problem.

  • Feeding - we can feed your lawns to enrich the soil with slow releasing fertilisers, Seasol seaweed or our special tried and true brew that promotes healthy growth, eliminates environmental stress and reduces the need for watering. We can also provide some growth encouragement that will green your lawns up within a few day if you have a gathering or special event.

  • Grass grub - we have a treatment for grass grub which has been quite bad in previous years. Please ask about this service if you have noticed and signs of grass grub. 

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Lawn Mowing